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“Time went on, I started noticing weight loss…”

Once again, no update for awhile. This time I have no excuse aside from laziness. haha. Anyhoo, things are going great. I saw a nutritionist, and I’ve lost 25 pounds or so thanks to her plan. It’s really simple: 1/2 of … Continue reading

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Still on my Grind 24/7/365: Running News and a New Doctor

Well, college got crazy for awhile (I had a paper or presentation due almost every day for 3-4 weeks) so I haven’t been able to update this magnificent blog in awhile. So here’s what’s been going on as far as … Continue reading

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Milestone, Broski!

I weighed myself today and I tipped the scales at 233. That’s a ten pound loss since I started running again, yo! I’m looking and feeling much better. My hands have always been the one part of my body that … Continue reading

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Food for Thought: On Becoming a Vegetarian (And being amazing at coming up with clever titles)

I became a vegetarian last week. A friend of mine told me that I should become one immediately after I got diagnosed with Lupus, but I didn’t listen and continued to gorge myself on bacon. Now, after doing some digging, … Continue reading

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Marshaling Ferocity and Weight Loss

Probably one of the worst things about this disease is the weight gain. I absolutely hate the fact that I’ve gotten so much fatter. You see, I’ve always had problems with eating. I was always a pretty chubby kid when I … Continue reading

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It’s well-known in sports psychology that having a specific set of realistic and detailed goals helps improve athletic importance by giving the athlete something tangible to work towards. With that in mind, I decided to write out a few of … Continue reading

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