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My Leg Muscles are Beginning to Resemble Cast Members From the Jersey Shore

So, I’ve been running faster lately. I’ve been running with one of my friends a couple nights a week, and last week one of our runs turned rather competitive we weren’t quite racing, but we were definitely cruisin,’ averaging about … Continue reading

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Well, THAT’S a Stupid Place to Put a Rock

The streets in my neighborhood all slope down from the center of the road to either side. Basically, they look like wide, shallow upside down letter Vs. This is incredibly annoying to a runner who focuses on form and wears … Continue reading

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Sometimes, Momentous Occasions are Interrupted by a Guy Who Looks Kind of Like Hulk Hogan: A Race Report on My First Post-Lupus 5k

I turned into the chute, pumping my arms and gasping. On either side of me, there was a cheering crowd spread along the metal dividers. The noise and energy was incredible. I’d paced myself well, and I was just running … Continue reading

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