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I'm a college sophomore who fancies himself a musician and a writer. This blog will be a chronicle of my effort to regain my health and fitness after being diagnosed with Lupus. Since there are no real resources for runners with Lupus on the web, it my hope that this blog will fill that void. But, more importantly, I hope that this blog will stand as a testament to the strength of human faith and willpower. I firmly believe that the only limits that exist are the ones that we place upon ourselves. I plan to prove that by becoming faster and stronger than I was before I got sick. Phillipians 4:13.

Hello, Compression Socks, My Old Friends

I’ve come to talk to you again. Now that I’ve got that wholly necessary Simon and Garfunkel reference out of the way, I feel I must explain why I allowed this blog to languish and die over the last year: … Continue reading

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My Leg Muscles are Beginning to Resemble Cast Members From the Jersey Shore

So, I’ve been running faster lately. I’ve been running with one of my friends a couple nights a week, and last week one of our runs turned rather competitive we weren’t quite racing, but we were definitely cruisin,’ averaging about … Continue reading

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Hey Hey Hey, It’s a Weekly Mileage Report

Monday: 3 miles Tuesday: 4 miles Wednesday: 2.5 miles (this did not feel good) Thursday: 7 miles. This was a super fast run. I didn’t time it, but I’m pretty sure I was hitting 7:30 and lower for most of … Continue reading

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Back in the Swing of Things: Weekly Mileage Report

It was a pretty good week. I am returning to my higher mileage and running pretty well. Monday: 3 miles Tuesday: 5 miles Wednesday: off Thursday: 3 miles Friday: 7 miles Saturday: 3 miles Sunday: Got home from work and … Continue reading

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For a Few Miles More: Weekly Mileage Report

Monday: 3 miles Tuesday: 3 miles Wednesday: 3 miles Thursday: 3 miles Friday:5 miles Saturday off. Sunday off. Total: 17 miles. I got back into the swing of things this week. I started off feeling like my legs were lead … Continue reading

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5 Mile Week: Totally Nailed It

Monday-Wednesday: No running due to fear of injury. Thursday: 2 miles. Run shortened because someone put a rock in a hard place. Sunday: 3 Miles. Well, this week was kind of a wash. However, my run today was good–I stumbled … Continue reading

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Well, THAT’S a Stupid Place to Put a Rock

The streets in my neighborhood all slope down from the center of the road to either side. Basically, they look like wide, shallow upside down letter Vs. This is incredibly annoying to a runner who focuses on form and wears … Continue reading

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