Recognizing the Two Kinds of Pain

Today, the area where I previously had a stress fracture (right on the 4th metacarpal) was hurting all day on both feet. Thus, I was confronted with the age-old question that countless runners have faced: to tough it out and risk injury or wimp out and be safe. In my rational mind, I know that it’s a far better option to not run. You know, discretion is the better part of valor and all that. And yet, I often find myself compelled to go against my better judgment and go for a run the day after I get mauled by a bear (or something equally painful and manly). For instance, during the cross-country season of my senior year of high school, I ran for almost two weeks with swine flu and bronchitis, racing three or four times. This damaged me so bad that I had to sit out for a month, and totally screwed my season. You see, most runners have incredibly high pain tolerance, and are able to ignore pain that is intended as a warning signal. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t tough it out, because sometimes, that can be the right decision. I’m saying to listen to your body and differentiate between the two types of pain.

With that in mind, I didn’t go for a run today. The fact that I was able to make the correct decision is heartening. Stress fractures are not fun, and I hope this will just go away. I’m really hoping that there isn’t a problem with my gait, because fixing problems with gait means running a lot, which I can’t do. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back on the wagon tomorrow and continue melting the face off of my disease with my awesomeness.

On a side note, I copped the new Horrible Crowes record today. I am on my third listen and I recomend it highly.


About lupusrun

I'm a college sophomore who fancies himself a musician and a writer. This blog will be a chronicle of my effort to regain my health and fitness after being diagnosed with Lupus. Since there are no real resources for runners with Lupus on the web, it my hope that this blog will fill that void. But, more importantly, I hope that this blog will stand as a testament to the strength of human faith and willpower. I firmly believe that the only limits that exist are the ones that we place upon ourselves. I plan to prove that by becoming faster and stronger than I was before I got sick. Phillipians 4:13.
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